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Rangate Project Story: Millwork Artisans - Chapter 2 | Engineer

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Now it was time to tackle the second challenge: Designing tooling that would meet Millwork Artisans’ short and long term goals.

Millwork Artisans planned to start the new machinery off crafting 2 ¼“ entry doors, utilizing European style multi-point hardware. Their long-term production goals included other door styles, as well as windows. Rangate’s challenge was to design tool groups that would meet that short-term goal with exceptional engineering, while being versatile enough to allow Millwork Artisans to build around the core tool group for future projects. The Rangate design incorporated an expansion which would supplement the base group with new tools to build windows.
This required close cooperation between each party involved in the install. Rangate took point on coordinating the vendor partners to ensure the project was on time and schedule. The other key participants were:

  • SCM, the manufacturer of the CNC router.
  • The 3rd-party software provider. For any project utilizing 3rd-party CNC control software, it’s important to involve them from the earliest stages of the project.

Rangate’s principal Greg Godbout and Cristian Zuani of Zuani s.r.l. traveled to Charleston for detailed discussions on Millwork Artisans’ business objectives for the present and future. They came away with the knowledge and understanding needed to create a solution for today and tomorrow.

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