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We've found that when all of the players in our industry talk, great things happen. Join the conversation and get connected to the pulse of the solid-wood industry.

Rangate at IWF 2018

Come See Us at Booth #8100!

August 22 - 25

Atlanta, Georgia

We're getting ready to make your visit to the Rangate booth the most memorable part of your experience at IWF 2018. Like everything we do, we're bringing all our 3 Pillars to our booth, Knowledge, Products, and Connect. Click on the "3 Pillars" tab for more details, or the map below for your guide to everything Rangate at the show.

Not going to the show? No problem- you can still take advantage of our best pricing of the year on the full selection of Floor Models.

Rangate Floor Map IWF 2018
Rangate Booth 8100
Soukup America - Booth #8469
Things to Do at IWF
Biesse America


Alpine Workshops instructor Joe Calhoon will be hosting shaper sessions at our booth. If you haven't been to Alpine yet, drop in to get a feel for why Joe's deep knowledge and personalized instructional style have earned him recognition as an exceptional teacher and woodworker. We'll be using our FLEXset to build windows like we would at an Alpine class- if you're curious about setups, techniques, and all the stages of advanced solid wood joinery, from shaping to gluing and clamping, you should definitely come see what Alpine's about. Past Alpiners will be coming by to talk shop, catch up with old friends, and enjoy the experience all over again- we can't wait to see all of you again!


Many of our performance-engineered products will be coming to the show with us. Participate in a live demo of our renowned Knot Filler, take a Barth Multi-Press or Lift Table for a test drive, and see our world-class shaper cutters in action. We'll be debuting a new exciting addition to our line of standard cutters at the show, so stay tuned to see what we have in store- it's one of our most-requested engineering innovations.

Our new CutterShare program means there's no longer any cost barrier to using the best shaper cutters in the world. You might have heard about it online- at the show can see our award-winning box first-hand, see the tools run, experience Uncompromising Craftsmanship for yourself.


If you've got joinery questions about your next project. We've helped shops across the continent build just about every kind of solid wood project you can think of successfully; chances are, we can help you with your challenges. If you're looking for answers to questions about door or window hardware and styles, sourcing cladding or gasketing, or exploring the process of thermal simulation and certification for your design, we're the right people to talk with.

Show Information
Rangate Booth 8100
Soukup America - Booth #8469
Things to Do at IWF
Biesse America

Show Information

Our team is bringing a solid mix of proven favorites and exciting new products to IWF this year.

Why tell you about the engineering and precision of our cutters, when we can show you? Alpine Workshops instructor Joe Calhoon will be running our cutters every day of the show, and demonstrating the fundamentals of solid wood joinery and window/door processing. Come by and talk shop! Get answers to your questions and challenges on squaring, shaping, gluing, and clamping your solid wood projects- a taste of the complete Alpine Workshop experience.

  • The Rangate Team at AWFS 2017
  • Demo of Rangate Knot Filler
  • Rangate IWF 2018 Booth #8100

Rangate Booth 8100

The Rangate booth isn't the only place you can see our cutters run at IWF this year. Stay tuned for some cool announcements on other places you can see our door and window tool sets in action on the show floor this August.

Soukup America - Booth #8469

Our sister company Soukup America will be exhibiting at Booth 8469! Our Rangate tooling will be running on the innovative CRAFTER door and window machine.

Soukup America is also rapidly gaining attention for our framing machinery for the housing industry. Come by to learn about some of Soukup America's innovative equipment, and how they're designing production lines that challenge the status quo.

  • Soukup America at IWF Booth 8469
  • Soukup America Tradeshow Booth

Things to Do at IWF

The day before the show begins is the Symposia Day for the show. These are all-day events which are aimed at helping companies their companies improve products, work more efficiently, and expand to new markets. The topics covered include:

  • CNC
  • Finishing Symposium
  • Quantum Lean - "Easier, Better, Faster, Cheaper" Symposium
  • Wood Flooring Symposium
  • Full list and registration

    Our friends at the Woodworking Career Alliance will be providing some valuable educational content at the show this year.
    Their booth will feature an educational virtual reality system that challenges participants to test their bandsaw skills. Sounds like a must-see to us! We'll definitely come by their booth to check it out.

    WCA President Scott Nelson and Kent Gilchrist will present an educational workshop, “Growing Your Skilled Workforce” from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 22. It will focus on how to improve skills and standards in your shop- click here to learn more and register.

  • WCA Teaching Woodworking Skills

Biesse America

Our tools will be running on a 5-axis Biesse CNC Router at IWF! Our application specialist Bill Wickett will be available to share his deep knowledge on CNC processing, touching on many of the topics he covers in his Innovations in North American Doors and Windows sessions co-sponsored by Biesse.

If you want to learn more about how doors or windows are built with a CNC router, you should definitely see the live demonstrations for yourself and speak with us about the importance of optimized tooling in any CNC production.

  • Rangate CNC Tools on Biesse CNC

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